PWG-ANNOUNCE> April 22 WBMM Face to Face

PWG-ANNOUNCE> April 22 WBMM Face to Face

PWG-ANNOUNCE> April 22 WBMM Face to Face

Wagner,William WWagner at
Fri Apr 16 11:10:34 EDT 2004

The PWG WBMM face to face  will be Thursday, 22 April at the PWG meeting site at  the Marriott Key Bridge hotel  in Arlington, Va. The Meeting will start at 9:00 AM, with the following proposed agenda. Dial in information will be

Proposed Agenda follows: 
	A. Review the of the minutes of the March 31 phone conference. 

	B. Comments Ira's revised counter MIB.
	C. Comments Ira's new Events Schema.

	D. Face-to-Face topics

I suggest that, in addition to reviewing the work done since the last face-to-face, the other long standing topics that we never get to,  as well as the "to  do" items listed in Harry's minutes be among the subjects at next week's face-to-face in Washington. This includes:

a. How PCI and IPP FAX management  elements can be reasonably addressed by the WBMM structure and process we have been developing.
b. Comments on the Notifications  and Discovery documents cited by Harry and Ira, and relation to WBMM. 

c. Review of where we are in the WBMM WG plan, to what extent we have deviated from charter and whether a revised charter is warranted, and what is next.

The next meeting will be the WBMM Washington Face to Face on 22 April.

Many thanks!

Bill Wagner

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