PWG-ANNOUNCE> Ping for August meeting

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Ping for August meeting

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Ping for August meeting

Harry Lewis harryl at
Fri May 28 03:15:11 EDT 2004

When planning PWG meetings, we have to sign a contract with the hotel 
based on number of people expected at each meeting and number of 
anticipated room nights. It will help the planning for Montreal if we can 
get an early estimate. Your response, now, is not a binding commitment and 
we will still put up a registration page 30 or so days prior the August 

Please "ping" , by sending e-mail to Ami and myself letting us know 
A. What meetings you plan to attend in August
B. Do you think you'll stay at the hotel where the meeting is (hotel not 
determined yet). 

Agenda for Montreal: (Aug 16-20) 

Monday - Consumer Print Profile and Micro Job Ticket (Morning)
            - Transform Services Interface (TFM) (afternoon)

Tuesday - WIMS (Web-based Imaging Management Services)
             - MFP Model BOF (Tuesday EVENING) 

Wednesday - PWG Plenary + Semantic Model update (Morning)
                 - Standard Imaging System Events (Afternoon)

Thursday - P2600

Friday - P2600

Please DO NOT Ping to PWG-Announce!
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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