PWG-ANNOUNCE> UPDF a confirmed standard

PWG-ANNOUNCE> UPDF a confirmed standard

PWG-ANNOUNCE> UPDF a confirmed standard

Norbert Schade schade at
Wed Jun 9 14:26:07 EDT 2004

Last week we got the official statement that UPDF is now considered a formal
standard of the PWG.

Let me take the opportunity to thank all contributors for their work.


Sandra Matts from HP lead the effort for some years, before I took over in

It was an up and down all the time. But I think we stayed focussed. That's
what eventually brought us to the finish line.


I'd like to especially thank Mark Hamzy and Jim Sommer. Without their
critical view and rich feedback together with all the time they spent we
would never have got where we are today.


We will now wait and see for some time, how well the standard will be

I do not plan to start the next version or an update right away.

I want us to practise with the version we have and learn from it. When we'll
have more samples, we'll feel more confident to judge it again and see
what's the proper next step.


However I have three action items in mind:

1.	Deal with Michael Sweet's comments.
I plan to launch three related notes (different ways to use the instances?,
how are optional units managed?, how do user policies fit in?) over the
pwg-announce reflector, but we'll take the discussion about details back to
the UPDF reflector.
2.	Work on samples.
We'll likely fill the sample on the UPDF site up with more detailed
further samples may be listed on other web sites.
3.	We'll check how a driver may use UPDF instances the best way.
The minimum goal could be something like a 'Best Practise' document. 


I would appreciate any feedback about how you and your company thinks about
using the standard, what implementations you think of and what obstacles you
see in your way for any UPDF related project you may have in mind.


Let's work with the stuff!


Kind regards

Norbert Schade




Norbert Schade

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