PWG-ANNOUNCE> how do user policies fit in?

PWG-ANNOUNCE> how do user policies fit in?

PWG-ANNOUNCE> how do user policies fit in?

Norbert Schade schade at
Wed Jun 9 15:10:13 EDT 2004

I tried to explain the importance of extensibility in the UPDF concept.


When thinking of user policies that thought is thoroughly continued.



Once a driver is installed, a user policy for a special user or user group
may be set on top of it.

A user policy allows people like system administrators to define additional
rules how to use the driver.

This will typically be something in the range of hiding certain records of
features or complete features or have the user interface appear differently
for some users or set different defaults or conditions for some users.



The goal is to keep that information separate to the description the IHV has

So you can assign it and easily deactivate it again.

You have seen that idea being used in various areas now.


One basic idea of UPDF is always: don't touch nor change things you haven't

The only instance nobody has to treat as read-only is the device
configuration. That instance is the key component to refer to all modules
and therefore is supposed to be changed whenever something is added or taken


Ok, these were the three notes of background information.

Now I need some feedback, if that helped elucidate on the architecture or
what else could be done???



Norbert Schade



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