PWG-ANNOUNCE> Reminder to VOTE for PWG Standards Process v2.0

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Reminder to VOTE for PWG Standards Process v2.0

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Reminder to VOTE for PWG Standards Process v2.0

Harry Lewis harryl at
Tue Nov 2 12:48:06 EST 2004

That's right... the voting is not over when you exit your local precinct 
today! There is one week remaining to vote in the PWG Standards Process 
v2.0 Formal Approval process. If you have not cast your vote... PLEASE DO!
I'm Harry Lewis - PWG Chairman - and I approve this message.
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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PWG-ANNOUNCE> Formal Vote announcement for the Printer Working Group 
Standards Development Process V2.0


The PWG Standards Development Process Document revision from the 
Printer Working Group has completed its Last Call process. 

The Working Draft document is being submitted by the Printer Working Group 
for a Formal Approval vote by the PWG membership. 

The Working Draft being submitted can be downloaded at: 

The voting period will open on Monday October 18, 2004 and close at 10PM 
(Pacific Time) on Tuesday November 9, 2004. 

Valid votes are: Yes, No, No (with strong objection), Abstain. 

Any No vote requires that the voter state the reason for the No vote 
and a description of the changes required to turn the No vote to a Yes. 

Representatives from PWG member companies are strongly encouraged to 
submit a vote. 

To cast a vote, please send an email with the following subject line 

"PWG Process Formal Vote-<company name>-<last name of 

Example:  PWG Process Formal Vote-Lexmark-thrasher-yes 

No votes MUST contain a reason in the body of the email. 

Please send your vote to the following email addresses: 

thrasher at 
a.s.patel at 
harryl at 

Jerry Thrasher 

PWG Secretary
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