PWG-ANNOUNCE> New Topic(s) to be discussed at Tokyo Plenary

PWG-ANNOUNCE> New Topic(s) to be discussed at Tokyo Plenary

PWG-ANNOUNCE> New Topic(s) to be discussed at Tokyo Plenary

Harry Lewis harryl at
Thu Apr 7 01:48:14 EDT 2005

Be advised that there are some new topics which will be introduced during 
the FSG/PWG joint Plenary in Tokyo Wednesday afternoon. One or more of 
these topics may result in a Wednesday evening BOF if enough interest is 
expressed during the Plenary.

1. Projector Management BOF
  - It has been observed that projector equipment manufactures (ex. LCD 
projectors) are in a state similar to printer manufactures 10 years ago in 
that several major projector makers use SNMP for device management but all 
are using incompatible private MIBs. A standard MIB or, at least, common 
semantics may be very helpful in the industry. The PWG would be expanding 
its role into a broader set of "imaging" solutions if we were to host this 

2. MFD Security Model. One PWG member has express a desire to introduce 
MFD Security Model concepts. Since the IEEE P2600 has been working in this 
area we will want to assure the PWG does not embark on a redundant effort. 
There may be elements of a standards MFD security model which are 
complimentary to P2600 and/or which belong in the PWG, however. 

3. PWG Semantic Model / DMTF CIM mapping. We have been circling the wagons 
around this work effort but no one has built a campfire yet. Need to 
evaluate motive, requirements, resources, anticipated benefits etc and 
develop an action plan

4. Print Number (see Camas minutes
.) The Print Number team (from China) indicated they may attend Tokyo but 
I haven't heard from them recently. We will add this to the (BOF) agenda 
if someone from Print Number attends.

If you are interested in any of these topics I strongly encourage your 
participating in the Plenary and ask you to consider the potential for an 
evening BOF Wednesday April 13 in Tokyo.
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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