PWG-ANNOUNCE> Call for Objections - CIM Change Requests

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Call for Objections - CIM Change Requests

PWG-ANNOUNCE> Call for Objections - CIM Change Requests

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Wed Jun 21 16:48:49 EDT 2006

In conjunction with the Printer Working Group  alliance with the DMTF to update and correct the documentation of printing related classes in the DMTF Common Information Model (CIM), the PWG/CIM Realignment Project of the WIMS WG has been developing PWG descriptive documenrs and DMTF CIM Change Requests. This activity has proceeded with the approach of first identifying and providing a DMTF change request for the Printer Class document, CIM_Printer.mof. These changes were presented to the PWG for objections in March of this year. There were no objections and the Change Request was presented to and essentially accepted by DMTF CIM Core.

The PWG/CIM Realignment Project has completed the next set of change documents addressing Phase 1 level changes to additional Printer related classes. This message is to alert the  PWG to these documents with a Call for Objections (as defined in the PWG Process document).

The PWG CIM Printing Editorial Refresh v1.0 (18 June 2006) document at PWG CIM Printing Refresh working document ( is an explanatory text identifying the problem areas in the CIM Printer related class documents and defining appropriate changes. 

The following list identifies CIM classes to be changed and drafts of Change Requests (CR) to be submitted to DMTF for changes to the CIM Printer related mof’s in CIMv2.11. Note that content of the changes is completely defined in the PWG CIM Printing Refresh text; the CRs are DMTF documents to be submitted to the DMTF CIM CORE group for review and approval prior to update of the CIM_Printer.mof .






This Call for Objections announcement is to alert PWG members of the changes that the PWG is requesting to CIM Printer related classes, as well as to provide background for these changes, and to ensure that the PWG membership has the opportunity to voice objections to the requested changes. The Call for Objections will be open until Thursday, 13 July. 

Please submit any objections to the PWG mailing list (pwg at, not to this Announce list. These documents will be discussed at the WIMS/CIM Session of the June 23 face-to-face.
William A. Wagner, Chairman WIMS WG/PWG 

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