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For anyone that might be wondering about the requirements of the
position, the following excerpt describes the PWG Secretary role [from
the Definition of the Standards Development Process document, available
at:  http://www.pwg.org/chair/membership_docs/pwg-process30.pdf]:

	The PWG Secretary is elected in odd numbered years to a two-year
term of office by a simple majority of the PWG members. It is the
Secretary's responsibility to record and distribute the minutes of all
PWG plenary sessions and other meetings, as required, to support the PWG
Chair. The PWG Secretary must be a representative of a PWG Member
Organization. The PWG Secretary is responsible, in cooperation with the
IEEE ISTO, for managing number blocks for standards naming and
maintaining a PWG Member Organization roster including contact and
company profile information, including logo, as it pertains to
representation on the PWG web site. The PWG Secretary is the only member
authorized to install submissions or make changes to the "standards",
"candidates" or "informational" top-level permanent file directories of
the PWG.



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> Hello everyone,
> At the previous face-to-face meeting the two Officer positions for PWG
> Chair and Vice Chair have received nominations -- Lee Farrell and Ron
> Nevo, respectively.
> However, we still need someone that is willing to fill the role of
> Secretary.  Without this position, we will need to consider a
> hibernation mode for the PWG until we have a full set of Officers.
> Please reconsider your ability to volunteer for this important
> position and contact me or Jerry Thrasher to indicate your interest.
> Cheers,
> lee
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> Lee Farrell
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> Irvine, CA 92618-3731
> (949) 932-3163 - voice
> (949) 932-3520 - fax
> lee.farrell at cda.canon.com
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