[Pwg-Announce] PWG Last Call - WIMS Projects Charters

[Pwg-Announce] PWG Last Call - WIMS Projects Charters

[Pwg-Announce] PWG Last Call - WIMS Projects Charters

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Fri Jun 10 02:32:23 UTC 2011

The last call period for the proposed WIMS project charters has ended. We
thank those who reviewed these proposed charters and submitted comments.
However, the response was not sufficient to meet the minimum response to PWG
last call. In addition, several of the comments received did reflect on
several basic problems with two of the charters, the CMMI and the
CIMPrinterProfile; not the least of these problems was the lack of
identified personnel to perform the project. Therefore, rather than extent
last call, the WIMS decided to withdraw the charter proposals for these two
projects. Updated charter proposals may be submitted in the future if and
when there is more interest on the part of PWG membership and more people
willing to be editors, contributors and WIMS officers. In the meantime,
members of the WIMS may continue to consider, brainstorm on and do
preliminary work on these projects, in keeping with the provisions of the
documented PWG Process.


Such preliminary activity has been proceeding with regard to the MFD Alerts
project, which is actually a resumption of a project that had been suspended
several years ago. Considering that significant work has been done on this
MFD Alerts project, that we have  a volunteer editor, and that there has
been interest expressed in the project, the WIMS has elected to use the more
conventional project charter approval path of requesting  Steering Committee
approval of an MFD Alerts Charter draft, after it has been updated to
reflect the comments that have been received.


The WIMS members thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to
express your thoughts on these decisions on the WIMS mailing list.

Bill Wagner, WIMS Chairman


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This is the announcement of Last Calls for three Project Charters describing
proposed WIMS (Imaging System Management) projects. The charter drafts are
posted at:


MFD Alerts:



Coherent MFD Management Interfaces: (CMMI):



DMTF/CIM Printer Profile: 



These projects are being chartered, with the charters to be submitted for
formal PWG approval, to provide greater visibility for and to solicit more
PWG member participation in the generation of imaging system  management
specifications. It is intended that all three of these projects will result
in standards for hardcopy imaging equipment, and they should reflect
consensus among PWG members. The three projects are not critically
interdependent and will be voted on separately. Schedules outlined in the
proposed charters may  be affected by the personnel resources available and
the other concurrent projects.


Please review these charters and send comments to the WIMS reflector
(wims at pwg.org). 

charter.  We will discuss all received comments during the WIMS Face to Face
meeting on May 24 in Webster, NY. The Last Calls will close on Wednesday, 8


Thank you,


Bill Wagner, Chairman, WIMS/PMP



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