[Pwg-Announce] RE: Imaging System Power MIB Interoperability Demonstration

[Pwg-Announce] RE: Imaging System Power MIB Interoperability Demonstration

[Pwg-Announce] RE: Imaging System Power MIB Interoperability Demonstration

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Thu Aug 25 01:42:18 UTC 2011

Just a reminder that the Imaging System Power MIB Interoperability survey is
still open. We plan to end the survey and discuss conclusions at the October
Face-to-face. As of this time, there is some interest but not sufficient
interest in planning an interoperability demonstration to proceed as
intended. If your company is interested in an interoperability
demonstration and would like to have a say into how this demonstration would
be conducted, I suggest that you complete the survey identified below before
the end of September.



Bill Wagner


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Subject: Imaging System Power MIB Interoperability Demonstration


The PWG approved the "PWG Power Management Model for Imaging Systems 1.0"
(PWG Candidate Standard 5106.4-2011
<ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/candidates/cs-wimspower10-20110214-5106.4.pdf> )
and its MIB binding "PWG Imaging System Power MIB v1.0" (PWG Candidate
Standard 5106.5-2011
) in February 2011. The charter for the Imaging System Power Management
Project included a Power MIB Interoperability event, basically a
demonstration that client and server implementations of the MIB are


To plan for this event in a way compatible with the needs and interests of
the PWG membership, we have created a survey accessible at:



This survey of PWG members is intended to determine from PWG members their
interested in whether, when and how such an interoperability event (or
demonstration) should occur. We request that any PWG member that has an
interest in participating in such a demonstration, whether of client or
printer or both respond to this survey before the next face to face meeting
on August 1. Member responses to this survey will be accessible to the PWG
steering committee members but will not be made public. 


Note that an interoperability demonstration is a necessary but not
sufficient step toward advancing a PWG candidate standard to full standard;
and the issue of working to advance the standard is presented as a separate


Many thanks,


Bill Wagner

Danny Brennan

Co-Chairs - PWG WIMS and PMP Working Groups.


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