[PWG-Announce] [REMINDER] PWG Last Call of IPP Transaction-Based Printing Extensions (07/30/13 to 08/30/13)

[PWG-Announce] [REMINDER] PWG Last Call of IPP Transaction-Based Printing Extensions (07/30/13 to 08/30/13)

[PWG-Announce] [REMINDER] PWG Last Call of IPP Transaction-Based Printing Extensions (07/30/13 to 08/30/13)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 16:47:33 UTC 2013


We're still a little short of quorum for this PWG Last Call.

Please send your acknowledgment ASAP.

- Ira (co-chair of IPP WG)

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Chair - Linux Foundation Open Printing WG
Secretary - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
Co-Chair - TCG Trusted Mobility Solutions WG
Chair - TCG Embedded Systems Hardcopy SG
IETF Designated Expert - IPP & Printer MIB
Blue Roof Music/High North Inc
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On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 10:17 AM, Michael Sweet <msweet at apple.com> wrote:

> REMINDER: Please provide your last call feedback by August 30, 2013.
>  Thank you!
> All,
> [This PWG Last Call starts today, Tuesday July 30, 2013, and ends Friday,
> August 30, 2013 at 10pm US PST.]
> This is the formal announcement of the PWG Last Call for the IPP
> Transaction-Based Printing Extensions specification, located at:
> ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/wd/wd-ipptrans10-20130708.pdf
> All required attributes and values defined in this document have been
> prototyped by Apple and/or other vendors. The IPP WG has completed
> extensive review of the various revisions of this document and an IPP WG
> last call.
> The PWG Process/3.0 requires that a quorum (30%) of PWG members must
> acknowledge a PWG Last Call (with or without comments), before any document
> can progress to PWG Formal Vote.  This PWG Last Call is NOT a Formal Vote
> but it DOES require your review acknowledgment.
> Send an email with *exactly* the following subject line format:
> Subject: <Company Name> has reviewed the IPP Transaction-Based Printing
> Extensions specification and has [no] comments
> Please send your response to *all* of the following email addresses
> (replacing "dot" with '.' and "at" with '@'):
> ipp "at" pwg "dot" org (IPP WG mailing list - you must be subscribed!)
> blueroofmusic "at" gmail "dot" com (Ira McDonald, IPP WG Co-Chair)
> ptykodi "at" tykodi "dot" com (Paul Tykodi, IPP WG Co-Chair)
> msweet "at" apple "dot" com (Michael Sweet, IPP WG Secretary and IPP
> Transaction-Based Printing Extensions Editor)
> Note that you must be subscribed to the IPP WG mailing list to send email
> there - otherwise your email will be silently discarded.
> Please do NOT simply reply to this note on the PWG-Announce list.
> Note: The PWG Definition of the Standards Development Process Version 3.0
> is located at:
> http://www.pwg.org/chair/membership_docs/pwg-process30.pdf
> _________________________________________________________
> Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair
> _______________________________________________
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