Novell's position on the newly announced WBEM initiative

Novell's position on the newly announced WBEM initiative

Novell's position on the newly announced WBEM initiative

Jay Cummings Jay_Cummings at
Fri Aug 2 13:21:53 EDT 1996


I can't really speak as a public representative of Novell for our future
directions, but I can pass this much info along:

Internet and intranet-based management is the future of the industry.
Our current solutions (ManageWise, ManageWise Agent for NT Server,
NMA, and NetWare LANalyzer Agent) support open standards such as
SNMP and RMON today. We also formally announced our web-based
management strategy on June 24th.  We strongly believe in open
standards for network and systems management and standards in the
web-based management area will accelerate our implementation efforts
that are already underway. We are currently working with other
companies in the industry to promote the acceptance of management
standards through organizations such as the DMTF and will be very
active in the examination of HMMP/HMMS as a viable technology for
web-based management. As new management standards are accepted
by the industry, we will rapidly support them in our management

I realize that this doesn't tell you much, but I think we can gather that
Novell doesn't want to help Microsoft  in their effort to create new
"standards" especially when they are announced out of a closet.  ;-)

Hopefully this helps a bit.  ?

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I was wondering if Novell has an official position on the Microsoft
announcement of the "Web-Based Enterprise Management" thingy.

Can you shed any light on this for the PWG?  Novell's position is
certainly important to the PWG, as is the position of any major
player in our respective printer-related markets.


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