Microsoft & Web Based Enterprise Management

Microsoft & Web Based Enterprise Management

Microsoft & Web Based Enterprise Management

JK Martin jkm at
Tue Aug 6 10:59:00 EDT 1996


As usual, I find myself on the other side of the opinion spectrum
with regard to your comments about Microsoft's value and position
in the computer industry, particularly with respect to printing.
(Hey, if I owned the platform operating system, you can bet I'd
make things happen fast, too!)

Having said that, I'll refrain from commenting on the specific
statements in your message.

However, it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that (IMHO) most people in
the PWG do not have a problem with Microsoft being involved with
(or even leading) the "Web-Based Enterprise Management" (WBEM)
initiative.  Rather, the entire system AS CURRENTLY DOCUMENTED,
appears intensely heavyweighted in terms of design and expected

There are other concerns that, while seemingly endorsed by a
plethora of computer industry players, this "initiative" came
out of the blue in as much as no one even saw it coming.  As
a supposed "collective proposal" from all these many players,
it's rather odd that no one from ANY of the PWG companies had
heard of it before the announcement (other than a similar
presentation given at the Montreal IETF meetings a couple of
weeks prior to the press release).

I believe these are the main concerns of many PWG people, based
on public and private discussions with the participants.

Please do not make this a Microsoft-versus-The-World issue,
at least not in the public PWG forum.

Other than that, have a nice day.  ;-)


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