Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Tue Aug 6 13:25:00 EDT 1996


I'd like to comment on the other statements you have submitted, but
this one is particularly worth of immediate response:

> >Last--but certainly not least--we were most disappointed at the fact
> >that the HP LaserJet 5SI was not tested at all at the bake-off.
> I am not sure about this comment.. HP LJ 5Si was tested at the bake-off,   
> it was the first printer that went through the Genoa tests.. The results   
> showed that we possibly had a few issues with the MIB-II objects (our   
> implementation was read-only for few objects), but the Printer MIB   
> portion of the tests passed without any problems.. But, we were not part   
> of the comparison of hrDeviceStatus, hrPrinterStatus and   
> hrPrinterDetectedErrorState bits.

As I stated in a message posted earlier today, I spoke with Wayne Tang
from Genoa about the PWG bake-off testing.

During that conversation I asked him *explicitly* about why no results
were displayed for the HP and Kyocera printers.  He stated that the HP
printer was NOT tested, as the HP folks had packed up the printer before
they could begin the tests.  (This concurs with my personal observation
of the event at the time.)

If the HP had indeed been tested, we would certainly like to see the
results as soon as possible.  Can you provide this?


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