MFP representation at next meeting

MFP representation at next meeting

MFP representation at next meeting at at
Wed Aug 7 22:26:38 EDT 1996

On August 6 Bob Pentecost wrote: 

> The PWG has requested that representatives of MFP manufacturers attend the
> meeting in San Diego. While I know this is related to the objects being
> defined for the Job MIB, I'm not really sure what is expected.

In the May meeting (Chicago) there was a discussion of the scope of
the Job MIB.  The general belief of the group was that, since we are
focused on printers the Job MIB should be developed only for printers.
However, with the trend towards multifunction devices, the MIB should
be easily augmented to support scanning, fax, and copy devices with
future MIBs.

To insure that our efforts on the Job MIB do not preclude a future
MIB for these devices, we would like experts in these areas to review
our progress and provide guidance.  They would help us define one
or more groups in the MIB that could apply to all the above devices.
Printer specific objects would be placed in a separate group.

At the present time we are still in the process of defining the
object set for printers and have not even started the process of 
grouping.  But it is not to early for MFP experts to become involved.
They could provide several useful inputs;

	- Identify objects in the proposed list that would be very
	  useful in an augmenting MIB.  This then may convince us to
	  keep some objects that may have been questionable.

	- Identify objects not in the proposed list that would be
	  useful for MFP devices and printers.  (i.e. obvious objects
	  that we have overlooked.)

Clearly this does not require a presence at the meeting.  I would,
however, encourage anyone to attend who is interested or has a 
specific issue they would like to present.  In the mean time, all 
PWG representatives who work for MFP companies should keep the 
scanner, fax and copier experts up to date on the Job MIB 
developments and join in the email discussion.

	Ron Bergman
	Dataproducts Corp
	rbergma at

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