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Printer MIB Working Group

Printer MIB Working Group

Lloyd Young lpyoung at
Thu Aug 15 14:53:29 EDT 1996

I wanted to let everyone know that the initial step has been taken to get
re-certified by the IETF. So far I have not heard anything back from

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From: Lloyd Young
Date: 08/13/96 05:54:52 PM
Subject: Printer MIB Working Group


I know you have previously worked with Binnur Al-Kazily with regards to
the Printer MIB Working Group. Binnur is returning to college therefore
I have assumed the leadership of this group.

As you are aware, Printer MIB Working Group has delivered the RFC 1759 in   
March 1995 as a proposed standard. Since then various printer and   
software vendors have implemented RFC 1759 and shipped it with their   
products. The following is a list of some of the printer vendors:
* HP LaserJet 5Si & 5M from Hewlett-Packard Company
* Optra series from Lexmark
* Xprint 4920 from Xerox
* Network Printer 17 from IBM
* FS-3600+ from Kyocera
* Phaser 550 from Tektronix

In addition to these Printer MIB implementations:
* Genoa and InterWorking Labs have shipped Printer MIB Test Suites;
* Novell will be shipping Printer MIB implementation in their NDPS   
(NetWare Distributed Print Services) solution in '97;
* Underscore has been working on event notification environment using the   
Printer MIB.

So as you can see, we have both firmware and software implementations of   
RFC 1759.

Printer MIB WG has been discussing the results of these implementation   
experiences offline and have been working on updating the Printer MIB   
document. We would like to submit the revised Printer MIB document to   
IETF in the 4th quarter '96 time frame. We trust that the end result 
of this work will move the RFC 1759 through the IETF standards process 
and make it a draft standard.

In order to complete the work, we would like to get re-chartered by IETF. 
If you can provide some input on the process that is involved and the 
average time it takes, that would be great. The mailing list for Printer 
MIB WG is: pwg at

Binnur also informed me that you might have an example implementation
report that you could send to me. Any help would be much appreciated.

If you would prefer we can discuss this over the phone. My phone number
is at the end of the e-mail.


Lloyd Young                       Phone: (606) 232-5150
Lexmark International Inc.        Fax: (606) 232-6740
740 New Circle Road NW            internet: lpyoung at
Lexington, KY 40511

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