Draft MIB

Draft MIB

Draft MIB

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Fri Aug 30 12:22:00 EDT 1996

Don wrote:

> I have uploaded a copy of the Printer MIB draft that was
> distributed at today's meeting.  For lack of a better place
> it is in:
>  /pub/pwg/snmpmib/internet-drafts/printer-mib-960829.doc.
> I don't have the bandwidth to create .txt, .ps, .pdf, etc.
> Until I get back in the office late next week or until
> someone else does it, the .doc format will have to do.

Would it be possible for a PC-centric PWG person to take that MS-Word
.doc file and create a Postscript print file, then upload the
Postscript file to the PWG ftp server?  A plain text file would also be
acceptable, if that's any easier.

You know, I wonder how the IETF feels about a working group being so
MS-Word-centric for the dissemination of these kinds of public
documents?  To my knowledge, the IETF has been quite firm (or at the
very least, very consistent) in publishing only plain text documents.

Put slightly differently, I wonder what the reaction of the PWG would
be if I uploaded a draft in, say, LaTex source form, or in any other
form not readily handled on a PC?

On a very related note, please check out the next posting, which is a
forward of a message posted by Larry Stein to the IEEE 1284 group.

Larry's message proposes new "working rules" for that group, and one
very interesting aspect is that Larry is suggesting that PDF files are
the preferred documentation form, but that Postscript and text are
acceptable.  There is absolutely no mention of MS-Word as an acceptable
document format...which is rather interesting, considering the IEEE
1284 group could be viewed as being very, very PC-centric, while the
Printer Working Group is supposed to span ALL platforms.

Kudos to Larry for being so "globally minded" in this regard.  It would
be great if the PWG would take a similar stand for documentation

Much thanks in advance to the kind soul who can provide a printable
form of the latest RFC 1759 draft.


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