FWD: New Meeting Policy for the IEEE 1284 Group

FWD: New Meeting Policy for the IEEE 1284 Group

FWD: New Meeting Policy for the IEEE 1284 Group

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Sat Aug 31 11:20:00 EDT 1996


> Having a fixed agenda sequence has been done before at PWG meetings 
> and it worked well. The PWG has in the past rejected a document
> numbering scheme for many reasons including the lack of a numbering
> administrator (I will not consider IANA  ;>)  for this ); however since I am 
> the 
> chair of the PWG and since I generally set that agenda, rather than 
> wait until November, I will put this on the October agenda for discussion.

Sorry, but can you give us any pointers (to postings or whatever)
in which it was stated that the PWG has rejected any kind of document
numbering scheme?  I seem to recall that the PWG has a continuing problem
in naming various documents, but I don't recall that the group out-and-out
rejected any attempt to formalize such naming and/or numbering.

Also, I respectfully request that this topic be deferred until the
November meeting, as I will be unable to attend the October meeting
(as mentioned in previous postings).  I would hope that since I was
the one who took the time to post the IEEE 1284.3/4 message to the PWG
mailing list, and then asked to have this topic added to the November
PWG meeting agenda item, that this would be a very reasonable request
on my part.

Please defer the discussion of this topic until the November meeting.
Thanks in advance for your kind consideration.


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