Port9100 clarifications

Port9100 clarifications

Port9100 clarifications

Lloyd Young lpyoung at lexmark.com
Fri Sep 6 08:58:06 EDT 1996

The discussion on this point was that Randy had already added the
correct information in the August 1996 updated Printer MIB. This
wording was accepted as stated.

For those of you who have not looked at the latest MIB, here is the
wording that was approved:

                   chPort9100(11),   -- Bi-directional printing protocol
        -- utilizing TCP port 9101 for control
        -- and TCP port 9100 for data.
                   chAppSocket(12),       -- Adobe Systems, Inc.

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Subject: Port9100 clarifications

I must admit, as secratary at SanDiego, I did a poor job at capturing this
one. I thought it was a note from Bill Wagner. Lloyd, can you fill in the
details on this one?

>The PMP minutes on this topic were very brief on this topic:
>  "Closed -- Port 9100 and AppSocket clarifications were accepted."
>Exactly which set of clarifications were accepted?  This topic thread
>on the mailing list hadn't been resolved on the mailing list.
> ...jay


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