Standard Network Printer Adapter - Potential PWG Project

Standard Network Printer Adapter - Potential PWG Project

Standard Network Printer Adapter - Potential PWG Project

Don Wright don at
Wed Sep 11 11:27:30 EDT 1996

At the August meeting of the PWG, I presented a proposal
to the PWG on the subject of developing a standard
Printer Adapter interface.  The concept is that most
printer manufacturers design and develop some type of
interface slot to allow the installation of adapters of
various types (e.g. Ethernet, Token Ring, hard disk, etc.)
If some standard (electrical, mechanical, software) could
be developed by some group (I'm proposing the PWG) then
third party manufacturers would have more incentive to
develop "niche" adapters because of the higher volume 
potential should multiple printer vendors adopt the standard.

Here's the single chart I presented:

* Proposal to develop a standard printer adapter interface
     - Electrical
          + PCI?
          + IEEE 1284-1994?
          + Other?
     - Mechanical
          + Form Factor
          + Connector
     - Firmware
          + Interfaces
          + APIs
          + Memory Map
* Why
     - Simplify task for non-printer vendor developers
     - Leverage investments of non-printer vendor developers
     - Provide wider variety of solutions for more brands
         of printers

Many of the printer vendors at the meeting expressed an
interest in investigating this type of work including
Lexmark, Kyocera, Canon, IBM, etc.  Intel's print server
group was present and also expressed interest.

Well, there's the summary and kick-off. Bill Wagner from DPI
has already expressed an opinion.  What about everyone else?
Should we talk about this a little more?  Start a project?
Forget about it?  What's you opinion?


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