Printer MIB Issues

Printer MIB Issues

Printer MIB Issues

Lloyd Young lpyoung at
Thu Sep 19 15:13:08 EDT 1996

I am going to declare that the following issues that were closed at 
the San Diego meeting are indeed closed. These will be incorporated 
into the MIB. For clarity, the issues that are closed are (I have 
listed them as they were referenced in the PMP minutes):
- Evolution of the Interfaces Group
- Serial Number and Administratively Assigned Printer Name
- Localization
- Colorant Value
- InputMedia Form Parts
- Manual Feed Timeout
- All of the Miscellaneous Clarifications
- Alert Table

The following are the open issues that will be discussed at the New York
- Addition of new Channels Group (aka MagicCookie)
       Host Software groups feel that the simple group as proposed by
       David Kellerman would be sufficient for them.
- Relabeling of Optional Groups as Conditionally Mandatory
    ** Action Item from last meeting was for each printer vendor to see
       if they did not implement an optional group in RFC 1759 but would
       have been required to implement the group if it was labeled as
       conditionally mandatory.
- Mininum access specified for R/W objects
    ** Action Item from last meeting was that Bob Setterbo will initate 
       a review of Min/Max access including a R/W object audit
- Channel Type TC
       This was closed at the San Diego meeting but Jay Martin raised
       an issue on the mailing list that he still thought the
       definition might be wrong. Bob Setterbo and Bob Pentecost from
       Adobe and HP respectively were asked to respond from their
- New Interpreter - JCL
    ** Action Item from last meeting was for Tom Hastings to post his
       proposal to the pwg mailing list and to review if he could change
       the proposal from JCL to XJCL.
- Problem of referencing hrMIB when it hasn't progressed
       1. Take over the hrMIB, deprecate all but what we want.
       2. Bring needed hrMIB objects inside the printer MIB. Don't change
          objects but assign new OIDs.
       3. Define status without the hrMIB.

Discussion Items for the New York meeting:
1, IETF re-certification status
2. Status of new Bake-Off in Calif. (tentative dates of 12/5 - 12/6)
3. Status of MIME registration for prtInterpreterLangFamily

If I am missing any open issues or discussion items, please let me know.

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