IEEE P1284.1 Ballot Resolution Committee

IEEE P1284.1 Ballot Resolution Committee

IEEE P1284.1 Ballot Resolution Committee

JK Martin jkm at
Fri Sep 20 16:46:00 EDT 1996


After spending considerable time on the IEEE 1284.1 TIPSI spec,
I was very much looking forward to reviewing the public comments
that resulted from the IEEE ballot process.

As it currently stands within the general printing industry,
IEEE 1284.1 (TIPSI) is the only network printing protocol that
can be considered truly standard (and open).

Unfortunately, proposing that the review meeting be held on
Monday, November 4th, presents a problem for me as the PWG meeting
is now scheduled for Thursday/Friday of that same week.

I would like to propose a very modest change in schedule for the
PWG and IEEE 1284.3/4 groups for that week so that the TIPSI spec
review meeting is more accessible to the PWG:

  Mon  Nov 4 - 1284.4
  Tue  Nov 5 - 1284.4
  Wed  Nov 6 - 1284.3 and 1284.1 (TIPSI)
  Thu  Nov 7 - PWG
  Fri  Nov 8 - PWG

This schedule would still allow the 1284.4 folks to have the two
adjacent days they need for their work, while still making the
1284.1 meeting fully accessible to the PWG, since the meeting
dates are adjacent.

Since the PWG is currently in the process of opening discussions
on standard network printer/printing protocols, this slight schedule
change would significantly improve access to the TIPSI effort while
minimizing the impact to others.

What do you say?


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> Subject: IEEE P1284.1 Ballot Resolution Committee
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> I would like to propose to this group that we meet on 
> Monday, November 4th in New Orleans to resolve the open
> issues raised during ballotting of P1284.1.  Prior to 
> the meeting, I will mail you copies of the responses.  While
> this meeting date conflicts with the 1284.3 meeting, I really
> don't have another proposal without adding a meeting date
> for this purpose alone.  If someone has a better idea for
> when and where to meet, please respond to the group as soon
> as possible.
> Don
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