Web-Based Enterprise Management

Web-Based Enterprise Management

Web-Based Enterprise Management

Don Wright don at lexmark.com
Mon Sep 23 23:29:40 EDT 1996

Despite the early reports of being rejected by the DMTF, it looks
like the DMTF will be "sponsoring" the work defining the WBEM 
common schema.  I plan to continue to keep an eye on this


To: Don Wright
From: memanuel%microsoft.com @ interlock.lexmark.com (Michael Emanuel) @ SMTP
Date: 09/21/96 11:37:51 AM
Subject: RE: Web-Based Enterprise Management

Progress !...

The DMTF voted on Monday to take on the task of developing and owning an
implementation-independent common schema definition.  It will use HMMS
as the basis for this work.  Part of the effort will be ensuring that
existing SNMP and DMI specifications are supported.  This should mean
that no significant additional effort will be required by the Printer
Working Group, though I would suggest that you stay in close contact
with the DMTF working group for the common schema once this has been set


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