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Randy Turner rturner at
Wed Sep 25 11:26:46 EDT 1996

Scott Isaacson wrote:

Internet printing involves alot of relationships with other working
groups (IETF, W3C, possibly MFPA). I think we should probably 
discuss more of exactly the problem that we are trying to solve. I
personally know of at least 3 or 4 working committees that would
overlap one or more issues that we would have to solve in coming up
with what I think is "Internet Printing". 

I know we sketched out alot of issues and Scott wrote them down ( I
hope these issues showed up in the minutes or saved somewhere ), and
I think we should continue the discussion with exactly which part of
the Internet Printing pie we want to tackle.

I also believe that the introduction of the Internet Printing topic
is quite timely with regards to our work on the Job MIB. If we
do attempt to solve one or more problems associated with Internet
Printing, we will probably have to include support for this in the
Job MIB, or a related MIB (Possibly Network Services Monitoring MIB).

Nonetheless, I personally feel the members of the PWG have alot more
to gain from standardizing Internet Printing than standardizing on
a network adapter architecture, from a pure marketing perspective.

Not that the adapter project is without merit, however, the problems
involved with Internet Printing would integrate very well with alot
of next generation internet-capable products coming out. These
products would include Internet Faxing products and TrueDOC-enabled
browsers and printer drivers which allow output devices to accurately
render the browser-rendered HTML document on the printer with regards
to Fonts, formatting, etc.

Just my 0.02 cents worth.

Also, I just want to finish the MIB!

(Suffering from writers' cramp....)

> Sounds like we are all in the same boat...
> I had plans to attend and wanted to focus on the job MIB since we had
> postponed that from the Aug meeting in San Diego.
> Don sent out the agenda, but that doesn't feel very set in stone given the
> level of hesitancy that I feel in talking with people about this next meeting.
> I, Novell, lead a discussion on Internet printing standard issues at the last
> meeting.  I saw a some e-mail discussion right at first, but have seen
> really very little public or private response.  I have seen much more in the
> MFPA on Internet Faxing.  Maybe it is not the right thing to do to try and
> further this effort?  What is the consensus?  Don had a formal proposal
> on a standard adapter and I saw much more activity on that.
> Scott
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Randy Turner

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