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Wed Sep 25 16:00:52 EDT 1996

I will not be attending the NYC meeting, but I am planning to attend
the November New Orleans meeting. 

The one issue in which I have a vested interest is the new Channel
Group information object (aka MagicCookie).  The discussions on this
issue seem to change direction dramatically depending on who is
involved.  I was hoping to tackle the problem at a meeting with good
attendance, so we'd have enough of a "quorum" to reach resolution. 

I would think that a meeting to "finish" the MIB should, for similar
reasons, be well attended. 

It's sounding as though NYC will be lightly attended.  I'll offer up
the suggestion that we make "finishing" the MIB the goal of the New
Orleans meeting, and see if we can get good attendance.  I would
hope that we could resolve the Channel Group issues as part of that
meeting.  Does this make sense? 

Alternatively, if NYC looks like a realistic meeting for "finishing"
the MIB, I would suggest we drop the Channel Group modification. 

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