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Intel will be unable to send a representative to the NYC PWG meeting. We 
will be attending the New Orleans meeting and look forward to seeing you 
all there.

Rob Rhoads
Network Products Division
Intel Corp.

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I've made arrangements to attend NYC, but I'm on a limb with project overload
right now, as the week approaches. I don't want to cause a collapse of the
meeting, but I also do not want to extend the effort if attendance is
shaping up to be extremely light. It already looks like SENSE will be put
off one more month and I'm not sure how far we'll get with "magicCookie".
Will we have a JOB MIB contingent? What about the new Standard Print Protocol
topic. Anyone planning to present?

I can't tell if it seems like light attendance because it really is or because
folks are using the new "silent ping" to Larry (which I protest for that very
reason). Judging by Larry's ("in my room") message - I feel it's important
to know who's planning on making it to NYC. Should the PWG postpone 'till
New Orleans?

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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