NYC Meeting

NYC Meeting

NYC Meeting

Tom Hastings hastings at
Thu Sep 26 03:17:57 EDT 1996

At 19:35 09/25/96 PDT, Don Wright wrote:
>BTW: I pinged Larry off-list like I always do.  I generally
>do that so as to not clutter the list with trivia.

If we had all pinged to the pwg DL, there would have been a lot less mail than
we've had about NYC, quorums, etc.

Another approach would be like the one that Binnur used, which would be that 
we ping the PWG chair by a fixed date and the chair would kept the tally. 
Then about a week before the chair would send out the current list, 
including the non-respondents and get a few more.

Just an idea.  But we have to avoid the current wave of defections caused
by the first few members saying they aren't sure they are coming.

In any case, what is the current list of attendees and non-attendees
and not sures.


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