FWD: hrStorageSize limits

FWD: hrStorageSize limits

FWD: hrStorageSize limits

Bobby Krupczak rdk at empiretech.com
Thu Sep 26 09:36:32 EDT 1996


>be incompatible with the current MIB as you point out, how about just adding 

Adding is fine; however you need to reactivate the working group.

>P.S. The Printer MIB - RFC 1759 uses the Host Resources MIB.  The PWG is
>anxious for the Host Resources MIB to be updated, because we have a small
>number of requirements that we'd like to input into that process.

Press the network management area directorate about re-opening the
working group.  I believe there is enough implementation experience to
warrant another round of cleaning up the mib.  We have implemented the
HR mib on SunOS, Solaris, HPUX 9/10, and NT so we have a good feel for
its applicability across different OS types.

The storage-size limits are now on my unofficial list of things that
need to be examined.

rdk at empiretech.com

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