Conversation with Deidre

Conversation with Deidre

Conversation with Deidre

JoelGyllen at JoelGyllen at
Thu Sep 26 18:42:35 EDT 1996

Lloyd Young circulated the following items based on his converstion with
Diedra.  From his mail I have selected the following for comment:
> Deidre also stated that in order for our MIB to proceed to a draft standard
> must not have significant changes over the proposed standard. When I asked
> significant meant we agreed that significant meant 50% change or more.
My understanding is the a 50% change would be massive.  To change 50% of a
MIB from proposed to draft is huge!  I expect that anything near 50% change
would mean going back to square 1.  I was under the impression that the
allowable changes would be an order of magnitude less than that.

> Last but not least, our new MIB must be v2 compliant. According to Deidre
> is no  grandfather clause that we might be able to squeeze some things in
> based on this, we need to know what changes are required in our current MIB

> to bring it up to a v2 compliant level.

I thought that when we did rfc1759 we prepared it in a way that was v2
compliant.  Perhaps the meaning of v2 is changing faster than we are.  Our
efforts were to produce a MIB that could work with either v1 or v2.


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