Internet Printing meeting notes

Internet Printing meeting notes

Internet Printing meeting notes

Tom Hastings hastings at
Wed Oct 2 01:35:08 EDT 1996

At 13:07 09/25/96 PDT, Scott Isaacson wrote:
> I sent out the notes on the part of the meeting that I took.  I sent these to
>the PWG mailing list.  Did they never get distributed?  I got a copy but
>assumed that was from the reflector not just me on the "copy to" list? 
>Did anyone else see them?

Here are the notes that Scott sent out on the morning of the PWG meeting
in San Diego (boy, is that ever prompt minute-taking).

I'm also sending them out again in hopes to get some e-mail discussion going.


At 11:49 08/29/96 PDT, you wrote:
>There was a discussion on the morning of 8/29 at the PWG meeting in
>San Diego about "Internet Printing"
>Scott Isaacson led a discussion that identified several areas that are
>included under the very large and very vague umbrella of "Internet
>Printing".  The industry is moving fast with new products and new ideas.
>Some of the major issues and sub-areas  identified are:
>- W3C conference in April 96 on High Quality Printing on the WEB:  The
>topics seemed to cover fonts, color spaces, need for printing, paperless
>society, etc.
>- WEB based Printer Management: Some vendors have products or
>announced products that support browser-based management and
>configuration.  The WBEM effort is focused on using HTML/HTTP/HMML
>to provide Web Page views of management utilities and devices on top of
>existing management tools and protocols (providing a Web page view of
>printer MIBs??).
>- Finding/Locating/Identifying printers
>- Application printing
>- Printing to URLs
>- Security:  How to leverage authentication, access control, and
>encryption services
>- Other Related Standards/Working Groups:
>     1. TR29 Fax
>     2. Potential IETF working group (Dec 1996) on printing via e-mail
>         MIME types
>     3. TPC.INT prototypes
>- Changing infrastucture based on Internet/Intranet explosion
>     1. Fax works since "everyone has a phone"
>     2. Is internet printing a reality since now "everyone has a browser"
>- Any effort applied in this area must:
>     1.  Try to harmonize with other efforts
>     2.  Architect and Layer correctly to leverage exising standards and
>          avoid re-inventing
>- For enabling commerce:
>     security, accounting, contract negotiation, quality of service

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