Internet Printing

Internet Printing

Internet Printing

Don Wright don at
Wed Oct 2 11:06:20 EDT 1996

The Printer Working Group (PWG) is a loose coalition of 
vendors interested in printing.  This group has previously
done such work as the development of the printer management
MIB (RFC1759).  At this time, the group is interested in 
developing some standards in the area of print job submission
and print job management using internet protocols.  This 
particular subject was briefly mentioned at the April
High Quality Printing on the WEB meeting held in Cambridge.

The PWG is beginning the process of forming a project (a 
subset of the PWG participants) to investigate, develop a
charter for and then begin working on this issue.  To insure
the broadest participation, the PWG would like to invite 
the readers of this list to participate.  Additionally, if
the W3C is interested in working in the area, the PWG would
certainly entertain a joint effort.

Anyone interested in the PWG's Internet Printing efforts, 
please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone as
shown below.


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