Perhaps another meeting between NYC and New Orleans?

Perhaps another meeting between NYC and New Orleans?

Perhaps another meeting between NYC and New Orleans?

rbergma at rbergma at
Sat Oct 5 11:38:18 EDT 1996

Now that the NYC meeting has concluded, is there a need for an 
additional meeting, prior to New Orleans to complete the printer MIB?

If yes, I would prefer Tom Hastings suggestion for a teleconference.
The impact of several hours on the phone would have less impact on
my present schedule than a two day trip.  Otherwise, I would prefer
Jay Martin's suggestion of LA or another nearby location.

Tom Hastings wrote: 

> I have an alternative for finishing up the MIB: have a teleconference,
> rather than a face-to-face meeting between NYC and New Orleans.
> We use teleconferences to finish up ISO DPA and it worked great!
> No traveling.  Busy people can usually arrange to take two hours out
> here and there.
> Teleconferences work particularly well when you are near the end of reviewing
> a document, such as we are with the MIB.  It helps a great deal to have 
> such documents line numbered for ease of reference on the telephone.
> I'll check to see if Xerox would be willing to pay for, say, a two-hour
> teleconference.  With our system, participants would call into a special
> 800 number.  I suspect that other companies have the same and could offer
> to host additional calls, if we need them.
> With ISO DPA we had over 100 issues, so we had lots of teleconferences.
> But with the Printer MIB, we are down to five or six issues.

>At 06:11 09/26/96 PDT, JK Martin wrote:
>>Given that we're coming down to the wire on the MIB, coupled with the
>>fact that lots of people seem to be having trouble getting to the
>>NYC meeting, I'd like to propose this idea to the PWG at large:
>>How about scheduling a meeting between NYC and New Orleans?
>>Besides continued effort on finishing the MIB, it has been quite a
>>while since I've been able to present the current work on SENSE.
>>Also, the topic of a standard network printing protocol has arisen;
>>this topic is certainly going to take some time, even just to get
>>For lots of reasons, I would like to suggest that such a meeting be
>>held in, say, Salt Lake City.  Otherwise, Los Angeles or Portland
>>(Oregon) would be a excellent locations due to the number of West
>>Coast participants in those areas.

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