How to identify the particular printer MODEL via SNMP? -

How to identify the particular printer MODEL via SNMP? -

How to identify the particular printer MODEL via SNMP? -

Bill Wagner bwagner at
Thu Oct 24 08:53:10 EDT 1996

     1. I support the idea of including the plug&play id, and indeed had 
     previously suggested that it might be included in channel information. 
     It does seen to fit the objective of providing information necessary 
     to establish a working print capability. But, since it is potentially 
     applicable to all channels originated from a Windows user, it might be 
     better as a separate object than included in several channel channel 
     information objects.
     2. With respect to the hr Objects, I suggest that the RFC needs 
     clarification about how much of the hr MIB is to be included, and 
     whether included means supported with valid data or just answered to 
     with a null response. The  hrPrinterTable  components specified in 
     RFC1759 at least represent an entire table. In referencing 
     hrDeviceStatus, was the intent merely that this single object be 
     included or should it be inferred that the entire six-object table 
     should be supported? There is some discomfort with supporting but one 
     object in a table; i.e., treating it as a scalar.
     3. To me, it is not clear that the ProductID is of the same structure 
     as the MIB II sysObjectID. Why not just maintain the ObjectIdentifier 
     data type rather than define a new textual convention? And the example 
     suggests that one starts somewhere in the middle of the tree rather 
     than at the start. I think clarification is necessary.
     4. Perhaps I missed the message, but how is the indeterminate status 
     of the hrMIB going to be resolved with respect to referencing it in 
     the Printer MIB?
     5. Scott responded to the question on non-network interfaces. Has no 
     one else any position on this? If we drop non-network interfaces, then 
     Harry was right all along; there is no need for raw channels. I 
     suspect we could drop other channels as well. I do not necessary 
     support this, but I suggest that the RFC should be clear as to whether 
     all interfaces are supported or just network interfaces.
     Bill Wagner

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Subject: How to identify the particular printer MODEL via SNMP? -Repl
Author:  "Scott A. Isaacson" <Scott_Isaacson at> at Internet
Date:    10/23/96 10:14 AM

In Novell's "on the server" implementation we are not supporting

However, in NDPS we did create a new object (attribute) that contains
the plug-and-play device ID.  This is different in syntax from the
hrDeviceID (that one is an OID, this one is a an OCTET STRING).  

This new object helps us to know what the device is for auto driver
download.  If the printer can't tell us, we have the administrator pick from
a more human easy to read set of names and then we associate the
correct p-n-p device id with that instance of the printer.  I would make a
suggestion that we add this kind of object as well.  I can look up the
specifics of the syntax, but it is some form of string with keywords like

Any thoughts on this idea?

Scott I.
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