Printer MIB teleconference Wed. 10/30

Printer MIB teleconference Wed. 10/30

Printer MIB teleconference Wed. 10/30

Lloyd Young lpyoung at
Thu Oct 24 09:55:45 EDT 1996

I have scheduled a Printer MIB teleconference for Wednesday 
October 30 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm Eastern time. Here's the 
procedure to follow:

1. Dial 423-673-6714
2. When asked for the access code enter 877744.
3. When you are connected, please state your name and company so we
know who is in the call.

The following issues will be discussed in the call:

1. new group prtChannelInformation
DESCRIPTION: The proposal that will be discussed in the call will 
be David Kellerman's updated proposal dated 10/20/96. The goal is to
resolve this issue by the end of the call.

2. Assuming the prtChannelInformation proposal is favorably received,
volunteers will be sought to provide prtChannelInformation definitions 
for the remaining prtChannelType values. 
3. Discussion of the proposed Updated Printer MIB charter that I
distributed to the mailing list on 10/17/96.

4. Other new business. I have not carefully kept up with all of the latest 
discussion while on the road. Therefore there maybe other new
issues that have been raised that need to be discussed in this call.

Lloyd Young                       Phone: (606) 232-5150
Lexmark International Inc.        Fax: (606) 232-6740
740 New Circle Road NW            internet: lpyoung at
Lexington, KY 40511

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