MFPA sponsored forum on LDPA

MFPA sponsored forum on LDPA

MFPA sponsored forum on LDPA

Raymond Lutz raylutz at
Fri Oct 25 21:26:34 EDT 1996

The best entry link is so that you will read
the introductory information. This is still somewhat experimental. If
possible, please use your browser to add messages right now. We will have
the email gateway set up soon, so that replies to messages sent via email
will also be added to the correct thread.
If you wish to be personally notified of any activity in the forum, please
"Subscribe" to any forum that you are interested in. You must be a forum
"member" to add messages (No need to be an MFPA member tho...). Just join
the forum that you wish to participate in. If you add any messages to the
forum, try to add them to the appropriate thread, (not just at the bottom of
the main page), and then you will automatically get a notification even if
you are not a subscriber.
For right now, the MFPA reflector is subscribed to these forums, but that is
an introductory feature only.

I am really excited about this technology, as I'm sure you will be also once
you try it. My hope is that the structured threads will assist us in
processing these documents. Standards documents will now be the collection
of information represented by this set of threaded discussions and the
associated documents.

If you have a draft of LDPA, you can simply add a message in the "DRAFTS"
thread and type in a URL. It is OK to have it on any server (novell or pwg
is OK). The system automatically recognizes URLs and installs links.

>Ray Lutz has set up a HyperNews forum on LDP on the MFPA web
>server site.  Sounds like a good way to collect input from people that
>might not be aware of the PWG.
>Scott I.
>Scott A. Isaacson
>Print Services Consulting Engineer
>Novell Inc., 122 E 1700 S, Provo, UT 84606
>V: (801) 861-7366, (800) 453-1267 x17366
>F: (801) 861-4025, E: scott_isaacson at

** Raymond Lutz                             Voice: 619-447-3246
** Director R & D, Cognisys, Inc.           Fax:   619-447-6872 
** MFPA EC Chair                            BBS:   619-447-2223
** 1010 Old Chase Ave., Suite B             EMail: raylutz at
** El Cajon (San Diego Co.), CA 92020 USA   MFPA:  1-800-603-MFPA
** WWW:        

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