Printer MIB Draft

Printer MIB Draft

Printer MIB Draft

Randy Turner rturner at
Fri Nov 1 19:02:31 EST 1996

I will post a new version of the MIB draft on the PWG FTP server
over the weekend. It should be ready for download actually on
Sunday 11/3 (P.M.)

The document is formatted as an internet-draft (I-D) so don't be
alarmed about formatting. The base content is still the same.

However, internet-draft format requires that I add an abstract 
(a quick 1 to 3 paragraphs) about what this document is. We
really don't have a quick description of this in our MIB document
already, so I have taken the liberty (actually editorial license)
to add one. Please review the text of this abstract but don't 
spend alot of time on it since it will not show up in the final
draft standard RFC anyway. This is just to meet Internet-Draft

All the changes from the August and September meeting minutes
will be included in this document, including the results of the

Again, the draft will be uploaded by noon Sunday 11/3.

Happy reviewing


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