JMP Agenda topics

JMP Agenda topics

JMP Agenda topics

Tom Hastings hastings at
Mon Nov 4 19:54:04 EST 1996

In talking with Ron, the major topics for the JMP section of the meeting
will be:

1. Review of the specifications of the objects - see .pdf file posted
   job-spec.pdf  .pdr   .doc
2. Review of Scott's proposal for organization of tables
   jmp961005.pdf.  .ps  .txt
3. Harry Lewis's OS/2 presentation

Please read the specfications of each of the 31 objects. The stuff *before*
the ISO DPA part.

Ron and I still hope we can swap with Jay (SENSE) so that we can start
at 8:00AM on Friday.  We assumed that Jay didn't want to start SENSE 
at a more sensible time (in the afternoon).


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