Internet Printing Project

Internet Printing Project

Internet Printing Project

Don Wright don at
Fri Nov 8 18:11:15 EST 1996

A new project was started at the November PWG meeting in
New Orleans.  Carl-uno Manros of Xerox is the chair.  As
a result of the work done at this meeting several things
have happened or will happen shortly.

1) I have renamed the netprint directory to ipp to match
    the project name.
2) I have created a directory under ipp called minutes and
    have placed the minutes of the Nov. meeting there in
    .DOC, .PS and .PDF formats.
3) I have asked Underscore to create an ipp at mailing
    list.  You will receive a note with instructions on
    how to join that list directly from Underscore in the
    very near future.
4) Scott Isaacson will be placing the project's charter 
    on the server in the very near future.

If you are interested in this work, you will need to keep
an eye on your e-mail and the server.  This project is on
a fast track and we won't be waiting for people to catch



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