PWG Open Issues with Printer MIB Internet-Draft

PWG Open Issues with Printer MIB Internet-Draft

PWG Open Issues with Printer MIB Internet-Draft

rbergma at rbergma at
Wed Nov 13 16:26:34 EST 1996


The following items were not corrected in the November internet-
draft of the Printer MIB.  I have not seen any discussion on these
issues, so I assume that they were not rejected.

(The page numbers are relative to the draft document without revisions

page #13:  There are now two definitions of Busy.

page #17:  The title of should be "Alert Table"  (no "s")
           The second sentence of should read "This section
           provides an overview..."  (not "...and overview...")

page #18:  The title of should be "Traversing the Alert
           Table".  Also, the text for this paragraph is missing.

page #33,34:  The following PrtChannelTypeTC enums were to be removed 
  since they do not fit (even our kitchen sink) definition of a channel 
  type.  (This was the conclusion in the Montreal meeting.)


page #38:  The following two entries were to be removed, since they 
           were not a part of RFC 1759.


page #77:  There is a blank line in the description for the object

page #77:  The end of the description of prtConsoleDisplayBufferIndex
           should read:

     "...values are normally expected to remain stable across 
     successive power cycles."

page #78:  Same as above for prtConsoleLightIndex

     Ron Bergman
     Dataproducts Corp
     rbergma at

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