1394 Print Meeting - Dec 6, 1996

1394 Print Meeting - Dec 6, 1996

1394 Print Meeting - Dec 6, 1996

Jeff Schnitzer jds at underscore.com
Thu Nov 14 19:18:29 EST 1996

I am reforwarding Don Wright's message without the referenced
attachments.  Don's message was first rejected due to the length of
original distribution list and then again due to the size of message
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Please retrieve the referenced documents directly from the Lexmark
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To:  pwg at pwg.org "(extended list omitted)"
From: Don Wright <don at lexmark.com>
Date: 14 Nov 96 15:21:18 EST
Subject: 1394 Print Meeting - Dec 6, 1996

The 1394 Printing meeting is on for Dec 6, 1996.  Here are
the details:

When: Dec 6, 1996, 8:00AM

Where: Adobe Headquarters
       345 Park Avenue
       Corner of Park and Almaden
       San Jose, California
       Albertus Conference Room, 2nd floor

Parking: In the Adobe Building -- free!

Food: Continental Breakfast
      Sandwich lunch

Cost: $0 (that's right - free - THANKS Adobe!!)

Hotels:  The nearest hotels are:

     The Hilton on Almaden and San Carlos
     The Holiday Inn at 282 Almaden
     The Fairmont, 170 S, Market
     The Hyatt St. Claire, 302 S. Market
     The Hotel De Anza, 233 W. Santa Clara

Attached to this note is a map of the area.  If your
e-mail system doesn't like attachments, I have posted
a copy at:



Here is the tentative agenda:

8:00-9:30      Opening - Mike Teener
                  History of 1394
                  Brief Technical Overview of 1394
                  Perspective on printing over 1394
                  Future of 1394

9:30-10:30     Directions on 1394
                  Intel Plans for 1394 PC support - ???
                  Microsoft Plans for Win95/NT - Steve Timm

10:30-10:45    Break

10:45-12:00    Hardware for 1394 (chipsets, etc.)
                   TI - Danny Mitchell
                   Philips - Allen Light
                   Adaptec - Bob Plummer
12:00-1:00     Lunch

1:00-?         Potential Print Directions
                   FujiFilm Proposal - Not confirmed
                   Epson - Not confirmed
                   SBP-2 - Peter Johansson
                    (serial bus protocol 2)
               Discussion on future directions for printing


I have attached an overview presentation on Serial Bus 
Protocol 2 from Peter Johansson.  It is also available


This is the last time I will forward this note to the broad
mailing lists:

IEEE 1284.3
Printer Working Group

If your name is not in the "TO" list but you are receiving
this as a "CC" from one of the above list and are interested
in attending, please send me a response so that I can add 
you to the list for this event.

See you in San Jose!


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