Printer MIB re-chartered by IETF

Printer MIB re-chartered by IETF

Printer MIB re-chartered by IETF

Tom Hastings hastings at
Thu Nov 14 21:28:45 EST 1996


I assume that you meant the pwg mailing list, not the ipp mailing list,

What is the nature of this Printer MIB meeting at the IETF?  Is it a
BOF?  Or what?  Will we do real work?  Listen to IETF folks review our
Internet Draft?  What is the agenda?  Do you want lots of PWG folks
to show up or not?


At 10:30 11/14/96 PST, Lloyd Young wrote:
>The Printer MIB working group has been re-chartered by the IETF.
>Our working group meeting at the San Jose IETF meetings has been
>scheduled for Tuesday at 1:00 pm. Details for how to register for
>the IETF meetings and the cost has been distributed to the IPP 
>mailing list. I am going to assume that people who are interested
>in attending are subscribed to the IPP mailing lists. If this is
>an incorrect assumption, please let me know and I will post
>the information to the PWG mailing list. It would be beneficial
>to have as many Printer MIB people at our working group meeting
>in San Jose as possible.
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