Data transfer in LDPA

Data transfer in LDPA

Data transfer in LDPA

JAY jay at
Fri Nov 15 13:41:31 EST 1996

What's the intent for "CONTENT_INCLUDED" data transfer in LDPA?

Is it that?...

 + These protocols are intended to run over stream protocols (TCP, SPX, 

 + The "OctetString includedDocument" is the actual job data?

 + There's a continuation mechanism so one document can be sent in
   several Print requests? (If so, what is it?)

If there's no continuation mechanism, the recipient has to buffer the 
entire document before accepting a request, which can be a problem.

Do you expect real-life servers to rely on "CONTENT_INCLUDED" or use a 
different transfer method for really serious work? Any performance 
experience to report using particular transports?

Thanks for the info,

aka: Jay E. Israel
     jay at

Background from the LDPA draft:

struct DocumentDescription {
   ObjectIdentifier transferMethod;
   DocumentContent *documentContentOptionPtr;
   ObjectIdentifier documentType;
   AttributeSet documentAttributes;

union DocumentContent switch(DocumentContentEnum designator) {
                OctetString includedDocument; /* External */
                DistinguishedNameString referencedDocument;

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