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PWG Home Page

Scott A. Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at
Mon Nov 18 15:43:25 EST 1996

Patrick Pacumio from Novell has "volunteered" to be a PWG home page
creator.  He is looking for ideas on how to structure the site's pages
(outline, logos, content, etc.)

I told him to have an overall PWG home page listing projects, meetings,
minutes, documents, mail archive, etc.  Then he will specifically focus on
the IPP page under that (meetings, notes, minutes, documents, plans,
calendar, etc.).

I told him to invent a PWG logo and an IPP one as well.  Any ideas? 
Limitations?  Concerns?  Hopefully we will have some initial pages up
soon.  Dave K. has volunteered to help as needed.  

They sky's the limit here, think big!

Patrick's email address is    "PPacumio at"

Scott A. Isaacson
Print Services Consulting Engineer
Novell Inc., 122 E 1700 S, Provo, UT 84606
V: (801) 861-7366, (800) 453-1267 x17366
F: (801) 861-4025, E: scott_isaacson at

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