Draft for IETF IPP WG -Reply

Draft for IETF IPP WG -Reply

Draft for IETF IPP WG -Reply

Scott Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at novell.com
Wed Nov 20 12:10:38 EST 1996

I agree with Jay.  We should use the IPP mailing list for ALL
communications.  I may not respond to every message I see, but I do
read them and like to see them all.


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>>> JK Martin <jkm at underscore.com> 11/19/96 07:17pm >>>

> I have had a number of suggestions on how to improve on the Draft
> Charter text that I circulated.  By the end of today, I will produce a new
> version which attempts to take these comments into account, so that
we can
> review a better text in tomorrow's phone conference. Please send
> comments today if you want them included in the new version.

Have you received suggestions from sources other than the IPP list?

Hopefully everyone will use the IPP mailing list as a forum for submitting
suggestions/comments/etc so that all can see such comments as quickly
possible, given the current schedule.


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