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Harry Lewis harryl at vnet.ibm.com
Tue Dec 10 18:13:40 EST 1996

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Previously, I had sent...

>Sorry for these late comments but in reviewing the latest draft I noticed
>the following:

I would like to make one correction (inserted below) and reiterate my comments.

>1. Pg. 15 - With the new definition of Active, Busy/Temporarily Unavailable
>   in the "table" below should probably be changed to Busy/Active
>2. Pg. 57 - In the new definition of phone, fax and e-mail conventions for
>   Operator and Service Person... we specify phone: fax: email:. I've been
>   told the "colon" is not in international character in that it is not in
>   the minimum Unicode set. I'm checking on this but, meanwhile, do we care
>   in this instance?

Sorry - I was misinformed regarding the :. My mistake, this is (obviously)
a valid unicode character even in the "base" definition.

>   Also, should we specify in the convention what to do if you have a phone
>   and e-mail but no fax (i.e. :: ?).
>3. Pg. 58 - The description for prtGeneralAdminName makes it sound like the
>   name of the Administrator. I probably missed something, here, but I thought
>   this was the name assigned by the administrator to the printer! Anyway...
>   if it really is the name of the administrator, then shouldn't it be in
>   the "Responsible Parties" group?
>4. Pg. 58 - prtGeneralSerialNumber has SYNTAX of PresentOnOff. This must
>   be an error
>5. Pg. 58 - prtAlertCriticalEvents. Should we clarify whether this value
>   is supposed to persist or reset across power cycles?
>   Also, the prtAlertEvent stuff we added seems like it would be much more
>   useful if we also added something like...
>   prtAlertMaxTableSize. Then, knowing the max number of entries a given
>   printer could store and, keeping track of the new alert counters, it could
>   be determined if any alerts were lost. Polling could presumable be adjusted.>
>   This may have to be in a future revision.
>6. No one seems to have written any prtChannelInformation for chPortTCP (37/38)>
>   It seems like the port number would be very useful here. May I suggest?
>   Port
>   Keyword:      "Port"
>   Syntax        HexString
>   Status        Mandatory
>   Multiplicity  Multiple

 Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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