PWG> PWG Meeting Minutes

PWG> PWG Meeting Minutes

PWG> PWG Meeting Minutes

Chris Wellens chrisw at
Tue Dec 17 07:20:29 EST 1996

These minutes are *NOT* on the PWG mailing list, because the
upload directory had write permission turned off.

Minutes of the Printer MIB Working Group Meeting
at the 37th IETF Meeting
Fairmont Hotel
San Jose, California

The two hour meeting was split into two parts:  one hour for the
Proposed Job MIB, and one hour for RFC 1759.

Tom Hastings presented the status of the Job MIB, including the
marketing requirements, the list of interested companies, and
the proposed organization and objects for the MIB.


-quantify the "busy" requirement
-how to associate the job with the printer (in the case of
multiple printers)... hrDeviceIndex?
-how/when is job information removed from the Completed Group?
-confusion about "requested" versus "used" in the Resources
-what is required to be implemented in the Resources Group?
-refine criteria as to what belongs in what group and justify it
-warning about estimated time to complete the print job has been
an intractable problem in other working groups
-measure jobs in kilobytes... for submission, you should round up, for
completion, you should truncate.  This avoids the 64bit counter 
(unless you think you will exceed four million kilobytes)
-define bindings to the Printer MIB
-Jeff Case volunteered to find models for directed trappings
(the RMON group did their own table for trap destinations)
-clarification that there are only 36 objects in the whole MIB
-Deirdre Kostick, the Area Director, attended the meeting, and
decided that the Job MIB should be part of the Printer Working
Group Charter

Lloyd Young presented the status of the Printer MIB (RFC1759),
including the goal of moving from Proposed to Draft, open
issues, and a schedule.


-Deirdre Kostick, the AD, explained the steps and estimated time for
going from Proposed to Draft.

2/97  Interoperability Testing  
4/97  Internet Draft re-published
      Working Group Last Call (2 weeks)
5/97  Submit to Area Director and AD Reviews
      Last Call (2 weeks)
6/97  Ballot by IESG (2-4 weeks)
7/97  IESG Comments (2 weeks)
      Submitted to RFC editors (2-6 months)
-12/97 RFC 1759 published as an Internet Draft Standard
       (advanced to the next level)

Presently there is a big backlog in the RFC queue, delaying RFC
publication up to six months.  The IESG is acting to correct the

The list of changes from 1759 to RFC XXXX was distributed.
There are errors and omissions, and this list requires more
work.  In order to move from Proposed to Draft, only changes to
fix technical errors or clarify ambiguities are permitted.
If any new features are added, then the process starts over and
the revised RFC is resubmitted as a Proposed standard with
another six month wait for implementation experience.  Some of
the changes appear to be new features, and not fixes of
technical errors.  In these cases, we will need justification
for the additions, in writing, as per RFC2026.

-Information on what should be included in an RFC can be found
in RFC2026 (
-the procedure for determining hrDeviceIndex for traps is that
managers should decode from any of the trap varBind OIDs (grab 
the index value from the end)
-Steve Zilles will clarify the language on prtAlertCritical
Events (regarding whether it persists or resets across power
-Randy Turner will make changes to fix Busy/Active on p. 15 and
missing information for prtChannelInformation (keyword, syntax,
status, etc) on pps. 27, 28.
-Looking for a volunteer to create text for a "summary table"
for all the required groups in RFC 1759
-Randy Turner recommended using the Entity MIB as a model for
creating RFCs for this and other projects
-Randy Turner will reorganize the document to allow it to
compile properly with MIB compilers.

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