PWG> Agenda for JMP Meeting

PWG> Agenda for JMP Meeting

PWG> Agenda for JMP Meeting

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Sat Jan 4 13:54:52 EST 1997

                        JMP Agenda for January 8, 1997

1. Review of IETF Charter - San Jose IETF meeting. (15 min.)

2. Review of issues from the IETF JMP presentation. (1 hr)

  - Quantify the "Busy" requirement.
  - How to associate the job with the printer (multiple printers?
  - How/when is the Job information removed from the Completed group?
  - Confusion about "requested" vs "used" in the Resources group.
  - Refine criteria as to what belongs in what group and justify.
  - Estimated time to complete the print job has been an intractable
    problem in other working groups.
  - Measure jobs in kilobytes to avoid the 64 bit counter problem.
  - Define bindings to the Printer MIB.
  - Jeff Case volunteered to find models for directed trappings.
  - Clarification that there are only 36 objects in the whole MIB.

3. Presentation by Bob Pentecost on the HP Job Monitoring MIB. (1 hr)

4. Review of "New JMP Job Identification Objects" (0.5 hrs)

  From 10-DEC-1996 email from Ron Bergman

  - New objects jmJobIdName, jmJobIdNumber
  - Remove objects jmClientId, jmJobUpstreamId, jmJobCurrentId, and

5. Review of "Recommended Changes to JMP Objects" (1 hr)

  From 2-JAN-1997 email from Ron Bergman

  - Add an object for correlation with hrDeviceIndex
  - Replace jmCompletedIndex with jmJobIndex
  - Remove jmSourceChannelInformation

6. Project plans (0.5 hrs)

  - Draft MIB schedule.
  - JMP object mapping to job submission protocols.
  - Other items that should be included in the MIB document.
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