PWG> Obtaining upload access to the PWG server

PWG> Obtaining upload access to the PWG server

PWG> Obtaining upload access to the PWG server

JK Martin jkm at
Thu Jan 16 17:29:00 EST 1997

Jim Walker recently wrote:

> I have (conveniently) lost the FTP server password, so I will send the
> Word document to JK Martin under separate cover, to be posted on the
> FTP server.

Maintaining a Web/ftp/list server is a lot of work.  Those of you
who perform that job for your own organization should know exactly
what I mean.

Please try to do your part in loading information on the PWG server
as necessary.  Simply bailing out and sending it as an email message
for someone else (at Underscore) to load on the server is not very

If you need access to the PWG server, here's what you should do:

  - Call Underscore at 603.889.7000 and ask for Jeff Schnitzer,
    the PWG server master.  You can normally reach Jeff between
    the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm EST.

  - Jeff will give you the server password, along with any fierce
    words having to do with "Be Careful!" and all of that.

  - Do NOT give out the PWG server password to ANYONE outside of
    your immediate organization.  This information should definitely
    be handled on a "Need to Know" basis; that is, don't broadcast
    the PWG server password in, say, an email message to all of
    your coworkers.

Hopefully this procedure will give no one any heartburn.  We here at
Underscore have product to get out, too...  ;-)


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