PWG> More on IBM's Industry's First Java Application for Intranet

PWG> More on IBM's Industry's First Java Application for Intranet

PWG> More on IBM's Industry's First Java Application for Intranet

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REPEAT/IBM Introduces Industry's First Java Application for Intranet
Printer Management

Date: Tuesday, February 11, 1997
Source: Business Wire

BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE) via Individual Inc. -- Free
Browser-based Software Eases Network Administrator Workload and
End-User Printing

IBM today announced the availability of a new version of its Network
Printer Manager (NPM) software, the industry's first Java(b)
application which allows customers to manage network printers in an
intranet environment using popular web browsers. NPM can be downloaded
from the IBM home page at no charge.

NPM allows network administrators to remotely install, configure and
manage printers, guiding them with an easy-to-use graphical interface.
Forthcoming Java versions of NPM in 1997 will provide consumables
management features, enabling businesses to monitor and manage their
total cost of printing; service management features to reduce calls to
help desks; and the ability to manage other vendors' network printers
which support open industry standards.

End-users can also improve their productivity by using NPM to
determine which printers are available and the features of each
printer prior to submitting a job, thereby reducing the cost and time
of reprinting jobs that were submitted to the wrong printer or a
printer with low toner or the wrong paper. Users can easily view the
status of a printer and see graphically how to solve problems, such as
a paper jam, using their familiar desktop web browser.

"Printers are as intelligent as PCs or servers, but lack an easy-
to-use console," said Brent Black, development manager for network
printer software at IBM Printing Systems Company. "With NPM, customers
can now take advantage of that intelligence to increase end-users' and
network administrators productivity, while reducing frustration and

IBM announced its family of network printers at PC Expo in June 1996,
including the IBM Network Printer 12, IBM Network Printer 17, IBM
Network Printer 24 and the IBM Network Color Printer. Complementing
the three monochrome network printers, IBM introduced the first NPM
product and previewed its forthcoming intranet solution. This new Java
version of NPM has a similar look and feel to the existing versions of
NPM for OS/2(a), Windows 95(b) and Windows NT(b), making it easy for
customers to migrate to the new version when they establish their
corporate intranets.

The New NPM Solution

NPM, based on the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) standard,
is installed on a web server and requires no additional client
software, eliminating the need to manage and maintain software on each
desktop. By implementing NPM as a client/server Java application,
printer information is communicated to the desktop without the need
for the user to manually reload which other HTML- based printer
management solutions require and reducing network traffic. Once the
Java NPM applet is launched, it runs outside the browser, freeing up
the browser for other use.

NPM is initially available for installation on a Windows NT(b) web
server, with IBM AIX(a), OS/2, HP-UX(b), and Sun Solaris(b) support
scheduled for later in 1997. Supported browsers include Netscape
Navigator(b) and Microsoft Internet Explorer(b). Supported web servers
include IBM Internet Connection(a) Server, Netscape Web Server(b) and
Microsoft Internet Information Server(b). Support for monochrome IBM
Network Printers is available now, with support for non-IBM SNMP-
compliant printers planned for later in 1997. A demonstration of NPM
can be viewed, and the product itself downloaded as of February 17,
1997, from the IBM Printing Systems Company home page at

"As the number of corporate intranets continues to soar, there is an
increasing need for standards, particularly to support multi- platform
environments," continued Black. "IBM has taken these customer needs
into consideration when developing this version of NPM, and has united
industry standards and leading edge technology including SNMP, HTML,
TCP/IP and Java, underscoring our commitment to open standards and

NPM Features

Printer Installation/Configuration - enables network administrators to
remotely install and configure printers using an easy-to-use graphical

Directory Services - users and administrators can see a list of
available printers.

View Printer Capabilities and Features - users and administrators can
determine each printer's capabilities and features, such as
PostScript(b) support, paper handling, finishing options and
statistical information about usage.

Service Management - hot links to IBM's home page for product
information and to download the latest printer software, including
utilities and drivers. Printer Status Monitoring - users and
administrators can obtain detailed status information on each printer.
Icons alert administrators and users when there are any problems, with
graphical depictions of the actual printer and printer console.

Integration with Network Management Applications - administrators can
configure printers to send SNMP traps/alerts to standard network
management applications such as HP OpenView(b) and IBM NetView(a).

About IBM Printing Systems Company

IBM Printing Systems Company, headquartered in Southbury, Conn., with
a major development and marketing site in Boulder, Colo., is a
vertically integrated organization that specializes in print solutions
for the enterprise. Its worldwide teams of sales and support
specialists are dedicated to providing the solutions and support
required for mission-critical, departmental and workgroup printing.
The company's offerings include printers, printing software,
consultation, systems integration, supplies and maintenance.

(a) Trademark or registered trademark of IBM (b) Registered trademark
of their respective companies

The IBM home page can be found on the Internet at
The IBM Printing Systems Company home page can be found at

Editors Note: Please contact Rose Efrimoff at (212) 696-2000 ext. 309
for screen shots.

CONTACT: Peter Lazaroff, IBM Printing Systems Company | (303) 924-4675
| Internet: plaz at | or | Rachel Postlethwaite/Rose
Efrimoff, TSI | (212) 696-2000 ext. 236/309 | Internet:
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