PWG> Ping Request

PWG> Ping Request

PWG> Ping Request

Don Wright don at
Wed Apr 23 15:14:26 EDT 1997

Please ping Larry if you will be attending.  The PWG agenda
is as follows:

14th:    1394 Print
15th:    IPP
16th:    PWG/JMP


To: p1284_3 @ (Multiple recipients of list) @ SMTP
cc:  (bcc: Don Wright)
From: lstein @ (Larry Stein) @ @ SMTP
Date: 04/22/97 07:40:18 PM
Subject: Ping Request

It's that time again.  Please reply to me if you are going to attend any of
the P1284.3, P1284.4, 1394PWG or PWG, IPP meetings in May.  Please let me
know when you are coming in and what meetings you will be attending.

May 8-9 P1284.3  (This meeting will be at Warp or at the Marriott)
May 12-13 p1284.4
May 14  1394PWG, PWG
May 15  IPP
May 16  ??

If you are around for Saturday May 10th, we are planning on a sailing trip
and a BBQ that night.  Please let me know if you will be around and would
like to join us for either thing on Saturday.

Larry A. Stein   Phone: (619)292-2740
Warp Nine Engineering  Fax: (619)292-8020

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